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Welcome to Javana Spa Resort

Javana Spa rests on a secluded slope of Mt. Salak, and is two hours and half drive away from Jakarta.
It is located in the cool refreshing Cangkuang mountain air, surrounded by virgin rainforest and seven waterfalls.

Javana Spa is a natural experience…
A reunion with nature…

Where you move, what you see, what you feel and what you eat are created by gifts of nature. We offer a no stress environment. Everything is served. Javana Spa offers a relief from everyday stress by balancing the body, mind and spirit in its luxurious facilities. From deeply relaxing body treatments, enjoyable exercises to exhilarating adventure learning. Each day, Javana’s fully trained staff will prepare a personalized daily program to give a fulfilling and productive day. Whether you are stressed out, or simply a little overworked. We will send you home with a fresh outlook, feeling healthy, stress free, and ready to tackle your world once again.

This may includes a morning waterfall hike to one of our seven beautiful waterfalls,followed by an aromatheraphy massage and precious time in the whirlpool or sauna or steam at noon and treatment in the afternoon.

Accommodation is simple but elegant with large bungalows with beautiful Japanese garden and surrounded the streaming.

Peace reigns up here only the sound of running water breaks the magical silence..

Javana Spa will ensure the ultimate in rest and relaxation, enjoy yourself and explorer you are potential for a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life.

Your getaway to a healthier lifestyle